Professional Coaching & Custom Programs

Group Coaching

Weekly sessions designed to improve relations and balance work life needs.

One on one Coaching

For the professional wanting to fast track their needs and growth

Better communication

Become a better leader! Excellent communication is a skill necessary for advancement and improved relationships.

Visioning Now

is a core program for discovery. Through the seven core self's you will discover and define what is really important.

About me

Many times I’ve been called an “expert generalist” as a result  of my extensive background in the corporate and entrepreneurial world.

My past and present experiences give me expert skills and knowledge that can take my clients from making a living to making a life.

Sharing concepts like “rigid flexibility” and “intent versus reality.” my clients are “choosing to aspire.” 

My clients benefit through my custom designed processes how  “to do better what others do well.” How to reduce stress; how to balance life and work, transitioning them from making a living to making a life! 

With thousands of hours as a  commercial hot air balloon pilot flying an aircraft without steering or brakes I my acquired life skills and knowledge that I convey to my clients. Fulfilling their desire to aspire and going beyond their wildest dreams.

Choose to Aspire!

Organizations I have worked with

400+ insurance agents wanting to improve their time management, marketing and sales processes.
Insurance Agents Forum
English as a second language instructing students and professors at Edai Medical University, Fukushima Japan in the proper use of English in the medical field
Fukushima Medical University
Hot air balloon safety seminars. Taught national and international seminars for continuing education credits to hundreds of private and commercial FAA certificated pilots
Balloon Federation of America
Oh my... I never thought I could feel so good in a simple talking session with Kevin. True, his massage skills also help me relax, but it's his mind that really great.
Myra Lucretia

Learn how you too can learn how to do better what others do well