It’s quiet and almost eerie quiet. It’s early morning however this morning is different than any before in my 67 years of life. In my city of three million people, called Las Vegas, the hotels with hundreds of thousands of guest rooms are empty. The lights are off and words like “pandemic” “sequestered” and the new “social distancing” is promoted.  Even the constant droning of commercial airliners is silent. 

My ritual of “yellow pad time” has a new atmosphere. I’m in the backyard with coffee and pad sitting, waiting for my spiritual download that has been my routine. Lists of “honey do’s” ideas for future writings and musings of random thoughts.

Today is different. Silence. No cacophony of cars rushing to work or school buses picking up children for school. No trash trucks banging trash and recycle bins. Not even the roar of jet engines overhead. Silence.  Hmm? In the distance I can actually hear the rustling of the newly budded leaves on the trees above me. The song of a mocking jay. Slowly the cycle of the wind stops. The song of the morning bird listens in quietly for a return song of another. Nothing. Silence. 

No one knows their future. However this is a time to reflect and reset.  Recent political and social unrest has separated us more than united us even with the advent of dozens of social media venues. Today we are encouraged, even required, to stay home to slow this pandemic’s advance. Singles, couples, children trying to figure out what to do with their time. Many will retreat to their devices to stay connected.  Others will dive into the current news cycle to be informed by experts and their opinions of what to expect next. Reporters will scramble to get the next news bite.

Me? I will read my books that I started but never finished, write and study how to better myself and those I serve. Maybe even declutter my closet or even the garage. 

My probability of contracting anything is low even less than dying from it.  However this time is a gift. I will use it wisely. Reflecting on how I can do better to serve. How to achieve my Peace, Purpose and Prosperity. 

During this time many those less fortunate will feel the pain more than me and I will reach out and help as much as possible. Share my resources as guided. The fortunate will continue to be fortunate and will have little concern about the next paycheck or where the money will come from to pay the mortgage. Those businesses with integrity have granted continued paychecks not knowing what the future will bring. They understand the value of their human assets and their employees will remember their support long past this challenge.

I have a sticker posted so I can see it everyday that says: 

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can.” (John Wesley)

This too shall pass. Do not panic. Do not hoard. Do not lose faith. Above all, listen.